Syntactic Theory at Boğaziçi University

ST@BU is a syntax reading group that meets bi-weekly. The primary goal of the reading group is to establish an informal but guided academic platform that fosters advanced research and collaboration in syntactic theory.

The meetings are organized by Ümit Atlamaz and Ömer Demirok and supported by Metin Bağrıaçık, Sumru Özsoy, and Balkız Öztürk. Anyone intersted is welcome (grad, undregrad, anyone).

Themes and topics are determined annually. This year's theme is Case & Agreement. If you would like to present a paper or suggest papers that are not on the reading list, please contact the organizers.

*Occasionally, ST@BU meetings will clash with Department or Faculty meetings. Some of these meetings are announced in the last minute. On such occasions, we will postpone the meetings to the following week and announce it at the earliest convenience.

  • Meeting Time*

  • Thursday 3pm

  • or

  • Thursday 5pm

  • Zoom Link


Date Discussion Lead Paper Handout
November 18, 5pm Ümit Atlamaz Jean-Roger Vergnaud. 2008. Letter to Noam Chomsky and Howard Lasnik on ”Filters and Control.” Handout
December 2, 5pm Ömer Demirok Alec Marantz. 1991. Case and Licensing. Handout
December 23, 5pm Ümit Atlamaz, Ömer Demirok, Metin Bağrıaçık From Split-Ergativity Towards Accusativity in Heritage Kurmanji and Georgian. Handout

Reading List (alphabetically ordered)

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